We aim to help you to practice speaking about topics related to your profession via our education program towards speaking which we prepared for occupational subjects. Our target is that you express yourself comfortably while you perform your job at an international level. In private arrangements which we will make, we can prepare a program special for occupational groups. For example you can request for Football English. Let us plan this for you by providing the necessary conditions. Here are some of our Business English programs;

  • General Business English
  • Interview English
  • Banking English
  • Public Accountant and Accounting English
  • Computer and Technology English
  • History English
  • Architecture English
  • Law English
  • Sales and Marketing English
  • Health and Medicine English
  • Cooking English
  • Culture and Tourism English
  • Travel / Trip English
  • Leadership and Management and Personal Development English. We offer education programs special for many other professional fields as well.

Speaking Skill

Your English speaking practice in business meetings and phone calls will be supported.

Correspondence Technique

You will learn necessary technical terms which are required in correspondences of customer relations (business letters, e-mails, contracts, etc.)

Negotiation Skill

Your English presentation and negotiation skills will improve.