As Educall, we aim to provide you with language teaching systems that are widely used in many countries but are not very common in our country yet.

How does the system WORK?

Educall education system consists of native speakers and Turkish trainers. The system is based on the principle that our trainers call students 5 days a week. These calls are performed at any time period students request between 10:00 and 23:00. First, the level of the student is determined in the system. All calls are recorded for better quality and efficiency. Our foreign trainers’ mission is to help you learn new vocabulary, gain accurate pronunciation and improve your listening and comprehension skills while our advisors teachers listen to the students’ recordings, identify their mistakes, and give them feedback in accordance with the comments from the trainers in order to overcome the deficiencies. Our aim here is to identify the grammar, pronunciation and other mistakes which students make and solve each one of them. We guarantee that Educall education program will make students speak fluently in the language they want.

Who can benefit from the program?
  1. Individual users
  2. Businessmen
  3. Academicians
  4. Students
  5. Professional Occupational Groups
What do you see on your personal page?
  1. Voice Records
  2. Your course level
  3. Trainer comments
  4. Progress graph
  5. Level Placement Tests
  6. Grammar Education Pages and Videos