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Grammar Guide

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We have special formulas or structures when we talk about our wishes, the things we would like to have differently

Use WISH + PAST SIMPLE / PAST SUBJUNCTIVE to talk about wishes in the present / future


    I wish I had an umbrella right now !                                                                He wishes he could speak Spanish.

 (It’s raining and I don’t have an umbrella)                                                       (His new girlfriend is Spanish, but he can’t speak Spanish)



We wish you were here.                                                       I wish I didn’t have to attend the meeting tomorrow. Do you think I may be excused ?

 (You aren’t here)                                                                                                  (I have to attend the meeting tomorrow)


Use WISH + PAST PERFECT to talk about wishes in the past

  • I wish I had taken the TOEFL prior to my college education.
  • She wishes she had consulted a doctor.


Use WISH + WOULD VERB (1) to talk about wishes for the future

  • We wish we would be able to solve the problem later.
  • They wish they wouldn’t have to be interviewed.
  • I wish you would stop complaining about the food!


IF ONLY has the same meaning as WISH 


If only he had talked to her sooner.                              If only I weren’t exhausted!                          If only we didn’t have to study German.

Things would have been different.                        I would be able to get more work done.                                  We loathe it!

(He didn't talk to her.)                                                      (I am exhausted.)                                           (We have to study German.)