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    Practical English

    Airport Conversations

    John is flying from New York to Los Angeles. When he arrives at the airport, he goes to the check-in desk.

    Agent: Good afternoon! Where are you flying to today?

    John: Los Angeles.

    Agent: May I have your passport, please?

    John: Here you go.

    Agent: Are you checking any bags?

    John: Just this one.

    Agent: OK, please place your bag on the scale.

    John: I have a stopover in Chicago – do I need to pick up my luggage there?

    Agent: No, it’ll go straight through to Los Angeles. Here are your boarding passes – your flight leaves from gate 15A and it’ll begin boarding at 3:20. Your seat number is 26E.

    John: Thanks.


    Now, he is going through the security check point…

    Agent: Please lay your bags flat on the conveyor belt, and use the bins for small objects.

    John: Do I need to take my laptop out of the bag?

    Agent: Yes, you do. Take off your hat and your shoes, too.

    (he walks through the metal detector)


     Agent: Please step back. Do you have anything in your pockets

     – keys, cell phone, loose change?

     John: I don’t think so. Let me try taking off my belt.

     Agent: Okay, come on through.

     (he goes through the metal detector again)

     Agent: You’re all set! Have a nice flight.



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