go off the deep end: tepesinin tası atmak, küplere binmek

    She will go off the deep end if her husband leaves the kitchen in a mess again.

    go to pieces: paramparça olmak, yıkılmak

    Jack nearly went to pieces when his son died in a car crash.

    head over heels in love: sırılsıklam aşık olmak

    Tony's only interest at the moment is Maria.  He's head over heels in love with her.

    have a change of heart: fikrini/kararını değiştirmek

    He was against charity, but he had a change of heart when he saw the plight of the homeless.

    couldn't give a hoot!: aldırış etmemek, umursamamak

    She wears eccentric clothes but she couldn't give a hoot about what others think.

    look on the bright side: iyi tarafından bakmak

    You know nobody. But look on the bright side - you'll make lots of new friends!

    have a lump in your throat: boğazı düğümlenmek

    The speech was so touching that I had a lump in my throat.

    open/reopen old wounds: eski yaraları deşmek

    He carefully avoided the subject so as not to open old wounds.

    pour someone's heart out: içini dökmek

    She always pours heart to her mom.

    put foot in mouth: patavatsızlık yapmak

    She really put her foot in her mouth when she mentioned the housewarming party - Andy hadn't been invited.

    have a soft spot for someone/something: birine/bir şeye düşkün olmak, zaafı olmak

    My grandfather has always had a soft spot for his first grandchild.

    let off steam: deşarj olmak, stres atmak

    Let's bring the kids to the playground so they can let off steam.

    strike a raw nerve: can evinden vurmak

    You struck a raw nerve when you mentioned divorce. They're separating.

    swallow one's pride: gururunu ayaklar altına almak

    When Jill failed the exam, she had to swallow her pride and repeat the course.​​​​​​​

    tongue-tied: dili tutulmak

    At the start of the interview I was completely tongue-tied!

    over the moon: sevinçten havalarda uçmak

    We were all over the moon when we heard the good news.

    wish the ground would swallow me up: yer yarılsa da içine girsem

    When I realized I was reading the wrong report, I stood there in front of the group wishing the ground would swallow me up!

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